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Graduated in Computer Science at La Sapienza University in Rome. I worked as DB Administrator
at the Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economics (CREA) and as Service Desk
Manager at the University of Salento. From 2013 I am working at The National Institute of
Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) in Rome as IT Expert. Over the years I have acquired several
certifications and IT courses in the fields: Networks, operating systems, and programming
languages. I work in several european and national research projects (EMSO, INDIGO-
DATACLOUD, EMSODEV, EMSO MEDIT). In the EMSO MEDIT project I collaborated in the
development of data acquisition system from a set of sensors hosted in a seafloor observatory,
curating in particularly the configuration of the Linux Embedded operating system, the software of
Data acquisition and timing synchronization of the observatory. Within the project INDIGO-
DATACLOUD I analyzed the IT infrastructure requirements of the our working group, providing
appropriate implementations through IT products developed within the project. Within the EMSO
ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) I hold the role of IT manager providing IT
support for the activities of Consortium management, such as, for example, the care of the corporate
WEB site, and the management of the IT services.


Giovanetti, Gabriele, Umberto Apponi, and Nicola Mario Marcucci. "Il sistema elettronico per
l’alimentazione, il controllo e l’acquisizione dati del nuovo Osservatorio multidisciplinare di
Portopalo di Capopassero." Rapporti Tecnici INGV (2017).

Big Data Analytics on Large-Scale Scientific Datasets in the INDIGO-DataCloud Project,
Conference paper published on Proceedings of the Computing Frontiers Conference, CF’17, Siena,
Italy, May 15-17, 2017. ACM 2017, ISBN 978-1-4503-4487-6

INDIGO-Datacloud EC project: a study case applied to one of the emso research infrastructure deep
sea observatories. Poster for conference Digital Infrastructure for Research (Krakow 28-30
September 2016) .

Evaluation of the extended list of requirements (D2.10) EU Deliverable of INDIGO-
DataCloud EC project delivered in 23/09/2016. I contributed to the section 4.1 Integrating
INDIGO Service Components in Case Studies of Research Communities.

Initial specifications of data ingestion in INDIGO EU Deliverable D2.11 of INDIGO-
DataCloud EC project. I contributed to the section 6 Research communities approach to data
ingestion delivered in October 2016.

Quality trial of 2009 durum wheat. Published on “L’informatore Agrario” of the 23/10/2009. I
curated the data analysis

Monitoraggio qualitativo delle produzioni aziendali di frumento duro 2008-2009 del 18/09/2009.
Conference proceedings Terza Giornata Tecnica sul Frumento Duro. I curated the data analysis


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