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Laboratory for Marine Technologies in Portovenere

In November 2003 a local site of the INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) was established in Porto Venere area as part of the Geomagnetism, Aeronomy and Environmental Geophysics branch. The primary mission of the new structure was to conduct research activities in the field of Marine Geophysics and Marine Technology. Five years later the Porto Venere site has hosted a unit called G.M.T. (Geophysics and Marine Technologies), composed of 10 staff members (scientists and technicians) with different professional backgrounds and assigned to various projects. The GMT unit is involved in the following scientific and technological research activities, as well as in the creation  of the new “Ligurian District for Marine Technologies”:

  • Geophysical surveys based on magnetic and gravimetric technologies.
  • Physical and Operational Oceanography.
  • Scientific information by means of a specialized library focused on geology, geophysics and oceanography.

With regards to  cooperations, the unit is part of:

  • The H.O.S. (Historical Oceanography Society), which pursues the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on oceanographic heritage. The H.O.S. is hosted and supported  by the G.M.T. unit in the Porto Venere site.
  • The HPC Center (High Performance Computing) recently established within a cooperative agreement between INGV, SPEDIA S.p.A. and N.U.R.C. (N.A.T.O. Undersea Research Centre).

Furthermore, INGV provides funding for grants and post-doctoral activities in collaboration with various Italian universities (Pisa, Genoa, Bologna).

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