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Technical Operational Unit for International and Environmental Security

Maintenance, management and development of the Aerogeophysics, Environmental Monitoring and National Data Center (IT-NDC) Infrastructure for the transmission, storage and processing of multi-parameter data from the International Monitoring System (IMS), Of the Italian Law 197/2003. Production of technical-scientific relations for the National Authorities working in the field of Security. Exercise activities in environmental emergencies and within the All. A to the Convention with the Italian Civil Protection Department DPC.

Many projects within INGV use geophysics as a tool for studying buried or concealed geologic features. The availability of modern geophysical instrumentation and data interpretation software is often critical to the success of these projects. However, most projects using geophysics lack the resources to evaluate, purchase, maintain, and provide training for geophysical equipment and software. In addition, the development of any new geophysical technology is a risky long-term activity, that is well beyond the scope of most individual projects. The “Misure e Metodi per la Geofisica dell’Ambiente” Unit provides the geophysical equipment and software tools that many research projects need today, and anticipates and develops new geophysical technologies that modern research approaches will need in the future. Technologies that are currently supported and under development fall within the general categories of electromagnetic and geoelectrical methods, potential-field  and gamma-ray methods. These methods permit geophysical investigations at a broad range of scales from national and regional scales to local and site characterization scales, and at a range of depths from a few centimeters to tens or hundreds of kilometers.

The “Misure e Metodi per la Geofisica dell’Ambiente” Science Team applies a broad spectrum of geophysical expertise to help understand and solve a wide variety of societal issues. The Team’s specialists in geophysics, geology, environmental, GIS and computer sciences, lead and participate in interdisciplinary national and international science projects for INGV programs, other governmental agencies, and other nations. The Team’s ultimate goal is to provide accurate, dependable, and impartial scientific research on, and technology development for, mineral-resource, natural hazards, and other science issues in a manner that helps governmental policy and decision making.

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