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Broad lines of activity

The activities in the field of paleomagnetism and rock magnetism started in 1990 at the former Isituto Nazionale di Geofisica, with the set up and the progressive implementation of a dedicated laboratory and the scientific training of qualified researchers. The science themes developed since then have mainly dealt with:

  • The study of vertical axis rotations of various crustal blocks in Italy during the last 30 Myrs, as an original contribution to the understanding of the geodynamic processes that caused the present-day geologic setting of the Italian peninsula (paleomagnetism and tectonics).
  • The study of the alternation of magnetic polarities in stratigraphic sequences (magnetostratigraphy), with the aim to correlate them to the global magnetic polarity time scale (MPTS). Under favourable circumstances, magnetostratigraphic data data may also be used to reconstruct the fine details of the geomagnetic field variation in the geological past.
  • The study of the variation in the composition, concentration and grain size of the magnetic mineral populations in sedimentary sequences (environmental magnetism), as proxies of paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic changes.
  • The study of the magnetic anisotropy of rock, particularly for the magnetic susceptibility, with the aim to reconstruct the magnetic fabric of rocks as a function of the geological processes affecting them since their formation.
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