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Ionospheric Observatories and Electromagnetic Detection

The activity of this unit mainly involves continuous monitoring of ionospheric conditions by methods based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves in HF-band through the ionospheric plasma, and the study of disturbances suffered by L-band signals from GNSS satellites during their transit in the Earth's ionosphere. The studies about the radio propagation also include the monitoring of low frequency signals that propagate in the Earth - Ionospheric cavity which are fundamental to the research of the Earth 's internal structures. The ionospheric and electromagnetic parameters monitored by UF are a fundamental contribution to the INGV ionospheric studies, to the capability of planning HF radio link in the Mediterranean area and to mitigate the effects of perturbations due to solar activity on the terrestrial devices for positioning and navigation. Tasks and objectives: maintenance, management and development of the national and transnational INGV ionospheric observatories, and the monitoring network for satellite signals (GNSS). Concerning data production the main tasks are: validation of ionospheric data, the production of ionospheric yearbooks and the elaboration of ionospheric radio-propagation tables.

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