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Labs of geophysical instrumentation and remote sensing


This functional unit combines the skills of several laboratories, with the task of providing technological support to the other functional units of the Section. This support should be understood both in the sense of aid in maintaining the infrastructure managed by other units and in the effort to bring innovation with the design of new tools of interest for the activities of the Section.


The laboratories that make up the functional unit are mainly subdivided according to the electromagnetic frequency range used in the instrumentation, which involves each of the specific techniques. They are the following:
- Microwave Spectroscopy Development Laboratory: Development of instrumentation suitable for the study of the chemical species present in the average atmosphere (microwave radiometers);
- Development laboratory for RF technologies (300 kHz - 300 MHz): maintenance of ionospheric instrumentation and development of new radio frequency instrumentation, not only for the ionosphere study but also for other activities such as remote glacier surveys;
- Environmental Monitoring Laboratory: development of instrumentation for various types of geophysical environmental interest detection;
- Geomagnetic Measurement Development Laboratory: maintenance of the national geomagnetic network and development of new geomagnetic field detection instruments;
- Optical Mechanics Laboratory: Maintaining and repairing instruments in the Section’s possession mainly based on optical / mechanical technologies and which are unused for failure or discontinuation.
These activities are carried out by technical staff (graduate and graduate) specializing in various areas, mainly electronics, but also computer and mechanical engineering.


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