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Environmental and Archaeological Geophysical Investigations

Geophysics or Physics of the Solid Earth is the science that studies, under the physics point of view, the Earth and the Space that surrounds it. Among the sectors that study the most superficial portion of the earth’s crust there is that one named “environmental geophysics”, which deals with environmental problems. The used investigation methods are indirect: the presence of bodies or structures buried in the subsoil is pointed out by measuring on the surface the effects produced by these bodies in the surrounding environment or by measuring the variations of some physics parameters in the subsoil. Each method has own typical characteristics and it can help to solve specific problems. The choice of the method and the planning of the relative surveys are operations planned in the preliminary phase and sometime with the help of theoretic models. Since 1990 INGV uses different geophysical techniques to survey and characterize the dumps as well as to individuate the waste (i.e. metallic drums with toxic substances) in the subsoil.

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