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Our automated search engine does not survey the entire Department website but only its most relevant sections.

Specifically the dropdown “sort by” box includes the following fields:
  • Staff
  • Units
  • Risearch Areas
  • Themes
  • Facilities
  • Projects
  • Researches
  • Photos and Videos
  • Press reviews

Search results can be restricted to a single field specifying it in the appropriate search box.

The search option “with all the words” returns records that contain every word you have typed in.
Please note that words are not separated by spaces. For example, looking for the term “field” the search engine will retrieve all documents including the word “field” but also records containing the word “afield”. Each search may include a maximum of 4 terms. The minimum number of characters in each word is 3.
The option “with the exact phrase” will render search results that contain the exact phrase you have typed in.
This time, searching for the term “field”, the program will retrieve only documents including the word “field” and not those containing the word “afield”. Please note that the search will also display documents including terms such as “field-test”, since the hyphen, as well as the apostrophe and the space, do act as separators. The minimum number of characters in each word is 3.

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