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Hydrosphere - Geosphere - Atmosphere Interactions

The ocean environment represents a major element of our planet as it reaches out more than seven tenths of the Earth surface. Complex physical, biological, chemical, and geological systems take place in the oceans and very little is presently known about their long-term development and interactions. Recent advancements, specially in the marine Technology, give now the opportunity to investigate the Ocean’s processes with an innovate multidisciplinary approach to reach a novel vision of our Planet as a single, integrated system.

Studies of the multiple, interrelated Ocean’s processes are related to the following themes:

  • Role of the Ocean in Climate
  • Fluids and life in the Ocean Crust
  • Dynamics of Oceanic Lithosphere and Imaging Earth’s Interior
  • Coastal Ocean Perturbation and Processes
  • Turbulent mixing and Biophysical Interaction
  • Ecosystem Dynamics and Biodiversity


Spatial and temporal scales over which data acquired in oceanic environment can provide essential information. Source: R. Lampitt


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