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Accurate and safe positioning at seafloor, re-entry and recovery capabilities of a Bottom Station are ensured by the dedicated cable suspended module MODUS, developed and built at the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), and the Technische Fach-Hochschule (TFH) Berlin (Clauss and Hoog, 2002).
MODUS is a sub-sea intervention shuttle operating in deep seas while it is connected to a surface vessel with an umbilical, which provides power, bi-directional data-transfer via F/O telemetry and carries the load induced by the system during operation.
MODUS was conceived to be driven by a ship-board operator and initially could be moved only horizontally by means of two thrusters as needed during the BS recovery. For deep-sea missions the MODUS was enhanced with the inclusion of four more thrusters to power the horizontal (two additional thrusters) and the vertical (two thrusters) movements, one transponder and one altimeter to check MODUS location at depth from the sea surface, and sonar to identify the BS location during the recovery. The MODUS frame is also equipped with video cameras for visual seabed inspection.This system is able to carry up to 30 kN at abyssal depths


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