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Bahia Blanca Ionospheric Observatory

Latitude: 38.43° S, Longitude: 297.84° E (Bahia Blanca, Argentina)

The ionospheric station is located in Bahia Blanca, in the province of Buenos Aires, about 650 km southwest of the capital.

The new Ionospheric Oobservatory, result of the collaboration between the UTN (Universidad Tecnologica Nacional) and the INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia), is added to the existing Argentinean one in San Miguel de Tucumán, operating since 2007.

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, Facultad Regional de Bahia Blanca

The purpose of this installation is the study of the electron density and, in general, of the ionospheric physics in a region with very few observing sites.

The sounding device is an ionosonde AIS-INGV, designed and realized at the INGV laboratories. Preliminary tests to the installation in Bahia Blanca have been conducted both in Rome and in the Ionospheric Observatory of Tucumán, where a twin system operates.
The ionograms are scaled in real time by the automatic scaling software Autoscala and results are sent to a server of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia.
The antenna system was developed by engineers of the UTN in collaboration with staff of the observatory of San Miguel de Tucumán based on INGV project. It consists of two delta antennas placed orthogonally on a single trellis held in place by means of stays.
Antenna system
The well-defined ionograms obtained by the new measuring apparatus, highlight the low electromagnetic noise in the area of installation, a prerequisite for high-quality measures.


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