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Advanced Ionospheric Sounder - Digital ionosondes development


After the first AIS ionosonde, a new design started to be developed, called “AIS-2”. The aim is to optimize performances, using more compact and versatile circuitries, while adding totally new functionalities.
Among the main performances that are to be added:

>      to make use of the polarization detection to improve the ordinary and extraordinary rays identification;

>      to implement a doppler signal processing on the signal received by an antenna array, in order to realize a ionospheric mapping;

>      to expand the frequency band and the receiver dynamics.

The AIS-2 design was preceded by various preliminary studies (see references); now the prototypes of the subsystems are going to be assembled: fig.1 shows the receiving antenna pre amplifier, while in fig.2-3 it is visible the board of one of the four receivers that are to be included in the complete system.


Figure 1 The antenna preamplifier


Figure 2 The receiver board (side view)


Figure 3 The receiver board (front view)


References (in italian)


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