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Lampedusa magnetic Observatory (AG)

Latitude: 35° 31’ N, Longitude: 12° 32’ E - 33 m a.s.l.

The observatory is located on the western side of Lampedusa, a small island South-West of Sicily. The first phase of the observatory installation has begun at the end of 2005, but it is from the beginning of 2007 that the observatory has been recording the values of the Earth magnetic field regularly. The observatory consists of a small stone building with a wooden roof, located within a natural reserve, in an area characterised by a very low electromagnetic noise. Electric current is provided by photovoltaic panels and data transmission is achieved through GSM connection.


Owing to its limited dimensions, the building is able to host only the electronic units of the instruments; sensors are buried in thermally isolated shafts in the area in front of the building. Total intensity F is measured by an Overhouser magnetometer, while the variations of the magnetic field components H, D and Z are measured by a fluxgate vector magnetometer. Data acquisition is made through a device made on purpose at INGV that avoids the use of a personal computer.

Geographic Co-ordinate:

Geomagnetic Co-ordinate:


35° 31’ N    12° 32’ E

27° 4’ N     85° 14’ E

33 m a.s.l.

Corrected geomagnetic coordinates are estimated for the epoch 2007.0 by the routine available at the NASA CCMD website.




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