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Roma2 in figures

  • 126 Employees, of whom
  • 54 Temporary workers, assigned to
  • 8 Units involved in
  • 35 Themes developed within
  • 8 Research Areas.
  • 48 existing Facilities and
  • 80 assigned Projects.
  • 1 Researches.
  • 3 Photos Videos Galleries.
  • 3 Press reviews.


  • Telephone:
    +39 06.51860318
  • Fax:
    +39 06.51860397
  • E-mail PEC:

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INGV Roma2 Department

Geomagnetism, Aeronomy and Environmental Geophysics

The scientific activities of the Roma2 Department cover a wide spectrum of themes related to Geophysical Sciences. Our research focuses on the study of geomagnetism and rock magnetism in their various applications, on systematic observations of space and ionospheric phenomena providing radio propagation and space weather services, on environmental geophysics surveys and studies, on multidisciplinary marine studies and, finally, on electromagnetic measurements and monitoring. Such a broad range of thematic disciplines, ranging from atmospheric and marine observations to oceanographic and space studies, marks the heterogeneous and peculiar mission of our department with respect to the tasks carried out by the other departments of INGV primarily devoted to Solid Earth Sciences.



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